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Conference and training facilities

Hotel Erwin Junker offers high standard of accommodation as well as four fully equipped meeting spaces that are suitable for corporate training, workshops, business presentations and meetings, educational seminars, workshops and other events.

  • Auditorium - a lecture hall for up to 120 persons, 164 m2
  • Jupiter and Saturn - each one with a max. capacity of 40 people, 66 m2
  • Mercury - VIP lounge for 8 people, 35 m2

A conference facility complements the Foyer of 112 m2, with access to an outdoor terrace. Foyer can be used for banquets and serving refreshments during training sessions or conferences.

A comprehensive conference services:

  • Rental of conference space, including audio-visual equipment and WI-FI connection
  • Refreshments in the conference room or dining in our restaurant
  • The possibility of accommodating up to 80 people
  • Monitored parking at the hotel
  • Possibility of providing other services - interpreting, hostesses, copy, etc.

Download ground plans

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